Mom learns to drive a hovercraft

There isn't any reason for hovercrafting to be "a guy thing" but it sure works out that way sometimes. If a married guy buys a hovercraft, usually his wife only learns how to be a passenger. At the Lower Wisconsin River Hover-in, Linda Weber helped change that a bit -- she taught two wives of new Weber Hovercraft customers how to drive a hovercraft. I was really impressed by Linda's teaching style - she was very patient and encouraging, and she let people make the inevitable mistakes that any novice will make. In a rather short time, both women successfully zipped up and down a rather tricky boat ramp.

Of course, it should go without saying that any girlfriend of mine will learn to drive a hovercraft. But the female members of my family present a special challenge -- they are very wise, shockingly intelligent, and not coincidentally, they'll resist any instruction from me!

Shortly after I first saw what a great teacher Linda is, I took my mom on a visit to Weber Hovercrafts. First Linda Weber gave my mom a ride. And then, after some instruction, my mom took the controls! First on water and then on land. I'm happy to say my mom had a blast. Thanks Linda!