Terry Lobdell
Terry is a hovercraft dealer

Here's Terry and his beautiful twin engined Air Commander.

Want a factory-built hovercraft? Call Terry for more info.
Terry Lobdell -- 630-844-3056

Terry's amazing jump

On what may have been the last warm day of 1997, Terry, Matt Cook, and I took a cruise down the fox river down to Wedron. On a previous cruise, Terry had found a rock that was in the shape of a natural ski-jump ramp and it got Terry thinking about the possibilities.... On the way home this time, we spotted the rock and Terry gave it a shot. Click here for a picture of Terry Lobdell's first jump .

I gave the rock a try, but didn't build up enough speed and rather than soaring like an eagle, I went kerplop like pigeon poop. No harm done though. Terry gave the ramp another try (click here for Terry Lobdell's second jump ) but he didn't get as high into the air this time.

I ran out of film at this point, but Terry's third jump was the most spectacular. The rock has a bit of a tilt to it, and after traversing the rock at the wrong angle, Terry went up into the air lopsided. Upon landing, one side hit the water before the other, and there was a moment where it looked rather dicey. It all happened too fast for me to say exactly what happened, but I think one side splashed along the water's surface while the other side was still up in the air. Terry got it all under control, hovered over to an island, and decided that was enough for one day. But he's already talking about going back. Me, I want to put biodegradable paint on the rock to mark the right approach!

Safety note: Terry has been hovering for 15 years, and is an awesome driver.