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Build Our Hovercraft Models - Design and Construct Your Own!

Our model hovercraft kits are...

Fun    You can look at your hovercraft up close to see it actually hover over your tabletop, and then you can watch it zip away so fast you'll have to run to keep up. Watching a hovercraft glide frictionlessly over different surfaces on a cushion of air is an amazing thing!

Educational    All parts attach and detach like building blocks to encourage experiments. Each hovercraft kit can be put together in numerous different ways, and they can be taken apart and rebuilt to allow you to try out all the possibilities. All kits have a design-it-yourself feature which allows you to express both engineering and artistic creativity. Hovercraft enthusiasts always want to try out crazy ideas - these kits make it easy!

Easy to build    All kits feature simple construction -- no gluing and no soldering -- everything fastens together cleanly and easily. Each kit is centered around a model which can be built entirely without tools (except scissors for a few minor steps). When you are ready to go beyond our models and build crafts of your own design, transparent tape and scissors are all that you will need. All kits come with fully illustrated step-by-step instruction manuals. Over 10,000 4th through 8th graders have successfully constructed these kits (and they've been built and studied by thousands of high school & college students as well.)

We currently manufacture the following kits:

The GH-1 Single Motor Kit   $19.99    Out Of Stock
A great introduction to model hovercrafting. Build our single motor hovercraft design, and then use the included extra parts to add a skirt, build a flying saucer, and design a few hovercraft models of your own. Single motor hovercraft models can zip across any smooth hard surface such as a classroom floor or a playground.
Requires 4 AAA batteries (rechargeable batteries are recommended).
Learn more about the GH-1 Model Hovercraft Kit

The GH-2 Twin Motor Kit  $29.99    Out Of Stock
Build a powerful amphibious twin motor model hovercraft that works well indoors or out. Hovers over calm water as well as over hard surfaces such as pavement, floors, tightly knit carpeting, packed snow, and ice of any thickness! Rebuild your craft to take advantage of the special parts included in the kit: a swiveling thrust duct is included for interesting steering, a special wave jumping attachment is included for choppy water, and a skirt is included for obstacle clearance. Parts to build a flying saucer are included for extra fun. And still more materials are included to allow you to build single or twin motor hovercraft models of your own design.
Requires 8 AAA batteries (rechargeable batteries are recommended).
Learn more about the GH-2 Model Hovercraft Kit

The GH-C Four Motor Kit   $49.99   
A deluxe four motor "Design Your Own Hovercraft" kit! Complete GH-1 and GH-2 kits and the pointed hull pictured above are included, as well as two extra motors and yellow plastic ducts, and enough extra parts to have as many as four hovercraft operating at the same time. Have races! Or build amazing three and four motor machines. By building and rebuilding with all the parts included in this kit, you'll have almost limitless possibilities when creating designs of your own. Makes a great gift!
Requires 4 to 16 AAA batteries (rechargeable batteries are recommended).
Learn more about the GH-C Model Hovercraft Kit

The RC GH-2 Radio Control Hovercraft Kit    
  with smart charger & battery   $99.99    Out Of Stock
  with no charger, no battery     $79.99   
Out Of Stock
Visit the RC movie and picture galleries to see the RC GH-2 travel at impressive speeds over land, water, ice, and snow! Each kit includes GH-2 hovercraft, a high quality transmitter, super lightweight onboard RC equipment, and a powerful RC battery pack.
Learn more about the RC GH-2 Model Hovercraft Kit

Extra RC Battery Pack   $11.99    Out Of Stock
9.6 volt rechargeable battery pack - perfect for extreme performance with the RC GH-2 hovercraft. Buying an extra battery pack lets you use one while the other is recharging. Pack contains high quality high discharge cells for RC applications.

Educators   Our model hovercraft kits offer fun learning opportunities in the classroom! Visit our For Educators page to see real life examples of our hovercraft kits in educational settings.

Scout Leaders   Hovercraft are also great for scouting activities. Imagine model hovercraft racing as the Pinewood Derby for the 21rst century. Visit our For Educators page for info about our discounted packages for large groups.

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