Model Hovercraft Circuits

Change the circuit!

The GH-1 and the GH-2 both use the circuit shown on the far left. (The GH-1 uses one of them, and the GH-2 uses two of them, side by side.) The circuit consists of 4 battery cells hidden inside a black rectangular battery holder with a built in switch. Using this circuit (or using two of these circuits) works great, but it isn't the only way to do things. This page shows ways to change the electrical circuit in your hovercraft. Why change the circuit? Each change has advantages and disadvantages -- take a look!

Change the voltage - use a different number of battery cells

Learn more about changing the voltage

Run two motors with one set of battery cells:

Batteries are expenisve, they take time to charge, and they add weight to your hovercraft. If your hovercraft has two or motors, you can try to save weight by running more than one motor from the same battery. This can be done with two kinds of circuits:

Use a serial circuit

Use a serial circuit to make a quiet hovercraft that runs for a long time.
Learn how to make a serial circuit

Use a parallel circuit

Use a parallel circuit to make a hovercraft that runs fast.
(No how-to link yet)

See all the data side by side (and get some advice on what it means!)

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